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Evolution Surf Tabs

Throw your wake shapers out of the boat and add surf tabs that perform as good if not better than the new factory tabs the manufactures use! No more suction cups. Use the joystick for quick easy control. These are game changers and cost around $3800 Installed!

We put a ton of time into these tabs, not just to create a wave, but to create the perfect wave! To us a perfect wave has a big clean face with tons of surfable area, a wave that not only has a ton of push, but length as well. The perfect wave means a wave that is consistent every time, that you don't have to mess with to dial in. Push the button to deploy and surf! These tabs check all those boxes!

After years or refinement and testing we are proud to introduce our newest Tabs. We recommend these for nearly every boat out there! Zero fitment issues, amazing waves with tons of height, length and push.

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